Michelle and Noah's Engagement


Michelle and Noah absolutely knocked it out of the park during their engagement shoot this week! I was so excited to capture such a special time in their lives.

I first met Michelle freshman year of college in the a cappella community, and then a year later we became sorority sisters! Michelle is someone I have always admired. She's bold, unique, cares deeply for those around her, and just a bright light. Noah is the same, and that's why they make the best couple.

As this is my first official engagement shoot, I am so pleased with how this session turned out. I am still figuring out what my style and overall aesthetic is, but I feel these warm tones and bold colors do Michelle and Noah justice.

I can't wait to build upon my work and continue to grow as a photographer and artist.

But for now... let's all just bask in the glow of this adorable couple!

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