"Steal Like an Artist"

Since officially becoming an LLC and deciding that I am going to commit myself to focusing on my art, I have a new invigorated sense of mo


This motivation makes me feel like I want to absorb every piece of information, from podcast, to books, to tutorials, etc. Anything I can get my hands on to feel like I'm working towards bettering my art and my business.

I've been ordering books off of Amazon like a MAD WOMAN. Literally every week there's a new resource w

aiting for me at my door, waiting to be devoured.

The book that is really inspiring me right now is Austin Kleon's "Steal Like an Artist".

This book almost reads like an adult picture book with golden nuggets of knowledge and wisdom on every page. I feel like Austin is speaking RIGHT TO ME! Every page I read I think to myself "How does he know I've been feeling this way?! How does he know I NEEDED to hear this right now?!" Well he knew because as artists we all go through the same cycle and experience very similar emotions surrounding our self image and our work.

Though I'm only 30 pages in... I feel like there is so much to take away already, specifically with imposter syndrome and making excuses to not create.

Where I am right now in my photography and business journey is finding my aesthetic and what my voice and platform will be. Often times I am so inspired by my favorite photographers that I feel like I can't even create because it won't be even a fraction of awesome as their work. But I shouldn't let not knowing my exact style or voice stop me. Kleon writes,

"If I had waited to know who I was or what I was about before I started 'being creative', well, I'd still be sitting around trying to figure myself out instead of making things. In my experience, it's in the act of making things and doing our work that we figure out who we are. You're ready. Start making stuff."

That passage spoke to my soul. I just want to start creating and creating and creating, and I need to just shove every self doubt to the side and just start.

I highly highly highly recommend this book to any creative out there - be you a writer, actor, performer, artist, photographer, etc.


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