Virtual Assistant!

Have you ever felt like you have WAY too much on your plate!?

Are you a professional photographer that doesn't have time to update your social media accounts, Pinterest, or blog?!

If you answered yes to any of those questions.... I might be the gal for you!

For the past month and a half I have been working as the Virtual Assistant for Molly Price Photography, LLC. Molly is a highly successful Georgia based engagement, wedding and maternity photographer who also happens to be my cousin!

As her Virtual Assistant, I have been working to curate her instagram feed, add and gain views to her Pinterest page, and update her wedding album blogs! I spend about 4 hours a week planning her instagram posts (twice daily). Planning Instagram posts is actually an art and requires a lot of time and dedication. I make sure that I am constantly rotating between engagement, weddings, maternity, and family photos. My job is to make sure that Molly's most recent photos tell the complete story of who she is as a photographer. If a client scans her feed interested in a session, it's important they can clearly see her style, a range of her work, and who Molly is as a photographer.

BUT my favorite part of being her Virtual Assistant hands down is managing her Pinterest page! I believe I have CRACKED THE CODE to gaining views and website clicks on Pinterest ( I will probably do a whole blog post about this at some point soon).

I have created Molly Pinterest boards that break down her photos into categories. For example, instead of just "wedding photos" I broke it down further to create a "Bridal Portraits" board that JUST includes photos of the bride solo portraits. I also created a "Wedding Ring" board that JUST includes Wedding Detail photos of the rings. Rings are actually one of the top searched Pinterest inquiries out there, so by separating it out, I am making sure people searching for a specific topic find what they are looking for, and more importantly... find MOLLY!

I will go into further detail on how I've mastered Pinterest, but here are my results in JUST ONE MONTH!

Before I took over her Pinterest page her posts averaged around 3-10 views and no website clicks! Now the bulk of her posts views are in the tens of THOUSANDS with 3-10 website clicks! This month after posting I have earned her 99.7k monthly views and 35 website clicks!

If this is something you'd like me to do for YOUR business, let's talk!


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