Waterside District - April 2020

We are living in such crazy times. I know for me I have been staying inside self quarantining and practicing social distancing. Today was so gorgeous outside and I've been trying to find ways to enjoy getting some fresh air for at least a few minutes each day while still social distancing and following the CDC's guidelines. This evening my best gal pal Sami (who is also quarantined in my apartment building... YAY neighbors) decided to take a quick little walk and I brought my camera along!

Just snapping a few pics on our walk had me feeling CREATIVE again! I am so happy with the progress I had been making, specifically in editing, and it's been killing me that I've had to step back from this new hobby so soon after dedicating myself to it.

I have a feeling we'll have to stay inside for good soon and I won't have the chance to walk through the park with a friend, so I had to take advantage of the opportunity.

Let me know what you think! I love the way these photos turned out!


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